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Types of Making

There is a choice of two types of making on Roman blinds here at Express Curtains. Standard making and Superior making.


Our Standard made blind has a stitch line across the front at the point of each fibreglass rod. Light can show through these stitches when the blind is down and it is light outside.

standard make

Standard Make Roman Blind

superior make

Superior Make Roman Blind

Our Superior made blind has only a few (generally three) stab stiches holding the fabric in line with the fibreglass rods. Much less light shows through these stitches when the blind is down and it is light outside. The superior making charge is £20 per square metre more than the standard making charge, this is because it is a much more labour intensive process.

Light shining through stitch line on a standard make blind, when it is down and daylight outside.

light bleed

You will be asked to select between standard and superior making at the point of quotation / order.


There are many optional extras available to you for the design of your Roman blind. Because all our items are made in house by seamstresses in our own sewing room, your Roman blind can be as bespoke as you like.


These optional extras are as follows and are all best discussed with us on an individual basis. If you would like one of these extra, please detail it in your quotation / order form and we can call you to discuss the details.

  • Pelmet top on Roman blind

  • Side Bands on Roman blind

  • Different Colour bottom bar on Roman blind

  • Top piping on Roman blind

  • Shaping on bottom of Roman blind

  • Ears on Roman blind

top piping

Roman with a Pelmet top

roman blinds

Roman Blind with top Piping and different colour Bottom Bar

Roman Blind with Shaping (and bottom Piping)

roman shaping
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