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Tracks, Chains and Child Safety

All of our Roman blinds are fitted onto Child Safe, chain assisted tracks. The chain is designed to break at the required 6kg in line with child safety legislation on an internal breakaway device.

child safe blind

The tracks we use are highly durable, visually attractive (although covered by your roman blind!) and very hardworking. They are made from 1.2 gauge aluminium and come with a choice of two ratio control units. Our in-house track expert will determine which ratio control (1:1 or 1:4) is most appropriate for your size of blind, unless you specify to us otherwise when ordering.

Antique Brass
Chrome chain

Antique Brass Chain

Chrome Chain

Our standard chain colour is chrome, though antique brass and white plastic are also available upon request.

Please specify whether you would like your chain on the Left (LHS) or Right (RHS) when ordering your blind.

roman blind
Chain on RHS

Your Roman blind will have a counterweight bottom bar and a specified number of fibreglass rods within. Please see the guide to how many rods will be in your blind according to the drop. If you require a specific amount, please specify when ordering.


80cm to 120cm = 3 Rods

121cm to 150cm = 4 Rods

151cm to 180cm = 5 Rods

181cm to 200cm = 6 Rods

Cord breakaway clips will be added to the cords on the back of your Roman blind to ensure it is child safe. It is worth familiarising yourself with these as they are designed to break under strain and can therefore pop off on occasion if the blind is heavily handled or gets caught on a window handle etc.

child safe
child safety features
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